SURVIVING QUARANTINE: 100 things to do to keep you busy!

Tomorrow the UK will have been in full-scale lockdown for exactly one month. I still find it surreal when I think about the global scale of this virus and the impact it’s had on bringing the world to a standstill. It is something I would never have imagined happening in my lifetime. 

Whilst there are many fighting this battle on the frontline and working to save lives, there are a lot of us at home living life under lockdown. Who knows how long it will be  until life returns to normal, so to keep you busy I have made an ultimate list of 100 things to do to survive quarantine and continue to be a superhero from home.

  1. Get creative with a home photoshoot
  2. Practise your photography skills
  3. Develop your skills on Lightroom and Photoshop
  4. Create your own presets
  5. Create a photo album of all your old pictures
  6. Create a Pinterest account
  7. Organise all your photos
  8. Start a blog
  9. Start a new hobby
  10. Learn to speak a new language
  11. Learn sign language
  12. Take a virtual museum or gallery tour
  13. Watch the Northern Lights here
  14. We can’t get on a plane so why not google street view a travel destination! 
  15. Create a post lockdown travel bucket list
  16. Paint your room
  17. Grow some plants
  18. Grow your own vegetables. My mum is attempting an avocado tree…
  19. Build a den and watch Netflix inside with endless snacks
  20. Have your own fashion show
  21. Organise your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, get rid!
  22. Turn your old clothes into something new. What about some old school tie die?
  23. Learn how to knit and sew 
  24. Recycle your old unwanted clothes and goods and turn them into cash
  25. Get some fresh air – make the most of your daily exercise
  26. Practise Yoga 
  27. Meditate
  28. Maybe even try some acro-yoga – I guarantee laughing!
  29. Dance workout – who said exercise couldn’t be fun…
  30. Join a live fitness class
  31. Run 5K. If you’re feeling brave try 10K
  32. Make an indoor obstacle course
  33. Have your own sports day
  34. Write down your thoughts and keep a diary of lockdown
  35. Or perhaps even vlog your experience!
  36. Bake some homemade treats
  37. Cook something new
  38. Make pizza from scratch!
  39. Order a take-away
  40. Cheese and wine night!
  41. Host a tea party
  42. Pretend it’s pancake day, everyday…
  43. Make your own milkshake or why not mix cocktails!
  44. Have your own home picnic
  45. Go camping in the garden/balcony/living room
  46. Virtual quiz night
  47. Check in with your family and friends via video call
  48. Check on your neighbours
  49. Do an all-nighter
  50. Enjoy some midnight snacks
  51. And then plan a healthier routine
  52. Catch up on some well deserved sleep
  53. Enjoy a lie in (Farley is good at this one)
  54. Play a board game
  55. Play a video game (I recommend the Sims 4)
  56. Read a book
  57. Write your own book
  58. Start your own virtual book club
  59. Transform your living room into a cinema. Make sure there’s popcorn! 
  60. Watch a new series on Netflix
  61. Watch a documentary
  62. Watch a film
  63. Harry Potter movie marathon
  64. Tune in to a virtual concert
  65. Download Disney+
  66. Have a karaoke night
  67. Listen to a podcast
  68. Do a crossword or sudoko puzzle
  69. Jigsaw puzzles are always fun!
  70. Try out some oragami
  71. LEGO!
  72. Turn the music up loud and have your own dance PARTAYYY
  73. Jump on the TikTok hype
  74. Apply to be on a TV show (we have done this)
  75. Learn to play an instrument
  76. Look to do an online course. There are lots of offers on!
  77. Give yourself your own haircut. Please no bowl cuts!
  78. Try out a new hairstyle
  79. Pamper yourself with a home spa
  80. Why not attempt to make your own home-made face mask
  81. Paint your nails and toes
  82. Have a pyjama party
  83. Map your family tree
  84. Make a candle
  85. Let the creative juices flow by drawing and painting a picture
  86. How about some home DIY?
  87. Volunteer to help your local community
  88. Donate to your local food bank
  89. Donate to charity
  90. Plan a future trip for when this nightmare is over
  91. Engage and grow your instagram and blog
  92. Build your own website
  93. Deep clean your home
  94. Declutter it too
  95. And don’t forget to digitally declutter
  96. Learn first aid
  97. Learn to do make-up (a skill which I very much lack)
  98. Go cloud watching
  99. Paper plane racing
  100. Simply relax

How many have you already done?