Limpsfield Common: A Storybook Adventure

Once-upon-a-time when we were allowed to venture outside our own homes, we discovered a rather magical nature walk in Oxted, Surrey. Now, that I feel a little like Rapunzel trapped in a tower, I have plenty of time to tell you about it! 

Have you heard of the Tales of Peter Rabbit? Well, if you go down to the woods at Limpsfield Common, you’ll certainly be in for a surprise. You’ll find yourself right in the middle of a fairytale village home to Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Squirrel Nutkin and  the other characters created by Beatrix Potter.

The charming woodland village was built by National Trust volunteers who have done an incredible job of creating a collection of enchanting homes for our woodland creatures to live in. You’ll be able to attend a town hall meeting at Hedgehog Hall, send a post card from Peter Rabbit’s Post Office, stay at the Beaver Bug Hotel, soar through the air on Squirrel Nutkin’s swing, wave the flag at Badger’s Barracks and there might even  be a few more surprises you need to keep an eye out for.

The adventure is completely free and suited to kids, families, couples and of course our furry friends! Moose especially loved getting his paws muddy and rolling about in the forest leaves.  The common has lots of different forest paths you can take through the woodland so you can easily spend an hour or two adventuring around. You could even make a day of it and bring a picnic!

The best place to park is Ridlands Lane Car Park which is completely free, however quite small so it is best to avoid the busy times when planning your visit. Once parked up, you can’t miss the wooden sign post directing you to the storybook village. You’ll find the first fairytale home within minutes.

I have heard the bluebells come out in spring, so we’re going to have to make plan to visit again. Although, who knows how long this lockdown might last. In the meantime, stay safe and check out Moose’s adventures below…