My Travel Photography Gear: What’s in my backpack?

I’m not sure I’ve ever shared with you my travel photography gear, so needless to say this blog post is long over-due. Well, I can finally say the time has come and I’m excited to let you know the gear I use and would never leave for a trip without. Every photographer, be it amateur or professional has their own personal preference on what gear works for them. Heck, nowadays you can capture incredible photographs on an iPhone.

The gear I use are pieces that I love and work for what I do. I must say, lately I’ve been contemplating upgrading some of my equipment but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Without further ado…

Sony A6000 with 16-50mm lens 

When I first started blogging I shot everything on my iPhone. I very quickly realised I loved sharing my travels on social media and wanted to invest in developing my photography skills further. I spoke with other travel bloggers who’s photography inspired me to see what gear they used and it turns out the Sony A6000 was a popular choice by many. I find Sony have a great range of cameras and their mirrorless range are more compact and easier to travel with. Personally, I think the A6000 is a great camera to get you started with blogging.

I’m at a point now where I am looking to upgrade my camera and yes, I will be sticking to the Sony range. I’m thinking either the A7III or the A7RIII, so if you have experience with either of these cameras it would be good to hear what they’re like!

Sony 55-210mm Lens

Most of the time I use the 16-50mm lens as my go-to with my Sony A6000, but if I need to capture something closer, this lens is great for that. It’s a great lens for those all important nature shots which I know we all share a mutual love for.

Iphone 11 Pro Max 

Like I said before, in today’s world you can capture amazing photos just from using your phone. Some days when travelling, it’s nice to take a break from carrying all my gear around but still be able to take photographs if needed using my iPhone.

MacBook Pro 13 Inch 

I was never able to justify getting myself a MacBook until photography and blogging became a passion of mine.  Now I can’t imagine a life without it. I have no complaints about this model and seriously recommend investing if you want to get serious about photography editing and or videography.


DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone

I’m a terrible drone flyer but love the content you can create using a drone. I usually leave Farley in charge of piloting it and I stick to running about it nature trying to look pretty. I must admit, we haven’t used it much since being home in the UK but can’t wait to get back to travelling where make the most of it. The drone and controller have their own cases which fit nicely in the backpack. The cases are cheap ones from amazon.

GoPro Hero 5 

I thought I would use the GoPro a lot more than I actually do. I think it’s an incredible camera for action, adventure and underwater shots, but that is really the only time I use it. I would like to upgrade to the Hero 8 before our next trip and would suggest if you are looking at investing in a GoPro to go down this route too.

I have lots of little accessories for the GoPro but my favourites are the waterproof handgrip, which if you drop your GoPro in the water it will float to to the surface or the three way grip, arm and tripod!

Intervalometer Timer Remote Control

Bit of a tongue twister but this has to be one of my favourite gadgets. I realised how annoying it must have been for Farley having me appear at his side every day asking “please can you take a photo”, so I invested in one of these! A digital timer remote that connects to the Sony A6000 which you can then set to take so many photos every so many seconds/minutes/hours! This and the tripod have been life changing and mean I can work solo! Sorry Farley, you’re fired!

Zomei Lightweight Tripod 

Another amazon purchase and the perfect travel tripod. Before the tripod, I would spend hours performing a balancing act to try to take the perfect shot. It has its own bag which fits in my backpack.

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand Pro 

This is a recent addition to the gear and I love it. I always wondered how other bloggers would film stories from above of videos preparing food say and turns out a GorillaPod is the answer. Its legs are bendy so it can be mounted onto a variety of surfaces. I brought it mainly to use with my iPhone but the Sony A6000 actually fits on it too!

And there you have it! You all now know the exact bits of gear I use for all my travel blogging. I’m sure this list will change in future so I will be sure to keep you posted. If you have any questions about the gear I use or simply want to say hello please just reach out!

Speak soon