• Dear Australia
    Dear Australia, Or should I say G’Day. I don’t know how or where to begin to thank you. It sounds cliche, but this last year has been the most incredible year … Read more
  • RAGING THUNDER: Tully River
    Have you ever booked an experience and not really known what you might be in for? Usually I’m hot on the details about every trip, tour, hotel, restaurant and adventure … Read more
    After looking up The Grampians well before our trip to Australia I had high expectations for it but with the penguin parade being a little bit of a let down … Read more
  • PHILLIP ISLAND: Penguin Parade
    On Friday we had booked to go on the 1 day Phillip Island day tour through STA Travel. We had booked the experience as part of a combo package; 1 … Read more
  • MELBOURNE: One Week Already!
    I can’t believe we’ve been in Melbourne for a week! It feels like only yesterday we were saying our goodbyes at the airport which was, as expected, emotional. We flew … Read more
  • LIVING OUT A BACKPACK: Packing for a year
    I have spent the last couple of days getting organised for my trip and it is by no means easy packing a year into a rucksack. However let’s be honest, … Read more
    I’ve reached a point in my life, call it a ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ where I have absolutely no clue what I want to do, so I couldn’t think of anything … Read more