Dear Australia

Dear Australia,

Or should I say G’Day. I don’t know how or where to begin to thank you. It sounds cliche, but this last year has been the most incredible year of my life. I sure hope Farley feels the same way!

It seems like only yesterday we said goodbye to our families, boarded the plane at London Heathrow and set off on an unbeknown adventure. Fast forward 365 days later and I would have been grateful for just half the amount of experiences you had in store for us.

I have broken out of my comfort zone more times this year alone than I have in my entire life. We have hiked some of the most stunning national parks, survived the outback, lived and breathed the rainforest, experience the biggest flood in 118 years, scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef, came face to face with some of the most deadly and not so deadly wildlife, swam in pristine waterfalls, found ourselves deserted on a paradise island, walked on the whitest sand in the world, bogged ourselves on Fraser Island, devoured a lot of delicious food, cuddled and koala and swam with whales. WE SWAM WITH HUMPBACK WHALES!

And that is only a fraction of it.

Thank you for keeping us on our toes by throwing us a travel curveball every now and then. Thank you for the Aussie lingo; “servo”, “bogan”, “too easy”. Thank you for the memories I have been able to make with Farley and thank you for the lifelong friends you have introduced us to along the way.

Australia, we won’t say goodbye, we’ll say see you soon.

Now it’s time for a new adventure!