Warner Bros. Movie World: It’s for big kids too!

Now that we’ve finished on the farm, the world is once again our oyster. We can travel anywhere our hearts desire and Farley’s big kid heart desired Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast. We visited the theme park yesterday and I had a better day than expected. I was worried the park wouldn’t … More Warner Bros. Movie World: It’s for big kids too!


It seemed the most obvious place to go next after Sydney. That’s the good thing about travelling, there isn’t anything tying you down, you have the freedom to be spontaneous. Just a 1hr 20 minute flight from Sydney it wasn’t long before I was looking out of the window and taking in the aerial view … More THE GOLD COAST


After looking up The Grampians well before our trip to Australia I had high expectations for it but with the penguin parade being a little bit of a let down I was worried. However, I needn’t not be… It was an early start, we had to be in the city for a 7AM pick up. … More THE GRAMPIANS