89 Days in Oz: 89 Things I’ve Learnt

I can’t believe I’ve been in this beautiful country for 89 days now. I’ve had the most incredible journey so far and have made a lot of lasting memories. Farley and I also haven’t killed each other yet! To travel is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve learnt a lot about Australia in the last 89 days, so I thought I’d share 89 things with you…

  1. Australia is MASSIVE
  2. It’s over two thirds desert
  3. Each state has a different time zone. It’s difficult to keep track.
  4. Driving is the best way to explore. If you can afford it, buy yourself a car. You won’t regret it!
  5. You can drive 6 hours and still get nowhere
  6. That being said, fill up at every petrol station you drive past no matter how full the tank
  7. Distance is measured in KMs
  8. You must park your car in the direction of traffic otherwise you’ll risk getting a fine
  9. If you haven’t got much time in Oz then domestic flights are a good way to get around the country
  10. Airbnb is the way forward. If you’re travelling as a two or more then its a lot cheaper and nicer than a hostel
  11. It’s hot pretty much all the time
  12. Suncream will become part of your daily routine. The sun is so strong. Do yourself a favour and please don’t get burnt!
  13. Australia is expensive and it’s true your savings will go quick. Budget wisely
  14. Aussie currency doesn’t have pennies Five cents is the lowest change
  15. June, July and August is Winter. September, October, November is Spring. December, January and February is Summer. March, April and May is Spring
  16. Christmas is in summer
  17. The sunsets are breathtaking
  18. The storms are unreal
  19. Melbourne has all the seasons in one day
  20. Most Aussies avoid the sun
  21. Everyone owns a barbecue
  22. Most houses don’t have an upstairs
  23. Whereas trains in Sydney do
  24. Travel is cheap on a Sunday in Sydney ($2.60 all day anywhere)
  25. Coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker but Australians love their coffee
  26. Aussies love their alcohol as much as coffee
  27. But they do not drink fosters.
  28. A schooner is not a pint!
  29. Wine tasting in Adelaide is incredible
  30. Australian wine itself is incredible
  31. You can’t buy alcohol in the supermarket
  32. They have drive through bottle shops (bottle’o)!
  33. Always do a food shop before heading to the liquor store. On your receipt there will be coupons to use for money off alcohol
  34. There is a new law where international driving licenses are accepted as ID. Make sure you have your passport you. Silly law I think!
  35. Look for the happy hours when eating or drinking out
  36. Aussies don’t tip
  37. The minimum wage is $17.70
  38. Home cooking will save a ton of money!
  39. Capsicum means pepper
  40. Avocado is a hot topic
  41. Vegemite is the marmite equivalent. I think it taste pretty good! Vegemite ice cream however is a big no no
  42. I have a new found addiction to ice cold chocolate milk
  43. Australian chocolate is nothing compared to English chocolate. From what I understand they put something in it to stop it melting
  44. Tim Tams are yummy. They are like penguin bars but better
  45. Crisps are called chips
  46. They don’t have prawn cocktail flavoured crisps
  47. Burger King is known as Hungry Jacks and it’s delicious
  48. Nando’s is shockingly bad
  49. Australian chicken schnitzels are insane
  50. Not everything wants to kill you. Trust me I worried to much. There isn’t spiders the size of your head everywhere you turn, sharks each time you swim in the sea or snakes just hanging around the place. If you do happen to come across one, stay calm, it’s probably a lot more terrified of you than you are of them
  51. That said, Australia has more animals and insects that can kill you than anywhere else
  52. 000 is the Oz emergency number
  53. Australians do not give you sympathy so don’t go complaining your too hot. They’ll tell you to get over it
  54. If you’re British you’ll get called Pom (Prisoner of Her Majesty) A LOT
  55. If they hear your pommy accent in some places, you won’t be paying the local prices
  56. Everything is shortened and they like to add ‘o’ to their words even it makes them longer (afternoon = Arvo, service station = servo, right = righto)
  57. Most of the population seems to be Asian
  58. No one really ever says G’day mate
  59. Thongs mean flip flops not underwear
  60. Although a lot of people don’t wear shoes
  61. Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth are not worshipped in every household
  62. Steve Irwin is a legend
  63. You haven’t experienced Australia until you’ve been to the outback
  64. Kangaroos are everywhere in the outback
  65. Kangaroos and emus can’t walk backwards
  66. Koalas are basically drunk all the time
  67. They may look cuddly but they are the biggest carrier of chlamydia
  68. Australian flies are a nuisance
  69. But Aussies don’t mind them on their food. I however do!
  70. Australia is home to some of the most spectacular national parks
  71. And some of the most ridiculously beautiful beaches
  72. Always swim between the flags
  73. Jelly fish are gross
  74. You can find wild penguins on St. Kilda Pier in Melbourne
  75. Graffiti in Melbourne seems to be a good thing and is considered artistic
  76. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can do for free in each city. Have a google!
  77. However internet is super slow
  78. AFL and rugby are considered better than football or soccer as they say. Farley is certainly not happy about that
  79. They have a bank holiday for the queens birthday!
  80. Pet shops have real puppies and kittens for sale. It’s always tempting
  81. It’s illegal to have a pet rabbit in Queensland. The fine is extortionate, something like $63,000
  82. Take advice from strangers
  83. The kindness of strangers demonstrates that there are generally good people out in the world
  84. Home sicknesses can strike at any moment
  85. A travel journal is priceless
  86. And so are the photos you take
  87. Sometimes you don’t realise how great a moment is until it’s a memory
  88. So stop and savour the moment
  89. And whatever you do, don’t let any opportunity pass you by. If you want to do something, do it. Life’s to short to say no

Catch you later

Miss Health & Safety aka Steph

P. S cheers to travel