As you know, our travel plans changed but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying a week in Western Australia. From what we saw and experienced WA has an endless amount to offer and we are by no means finished exploring there…

We flew into Perth and stayed with family in a little place called Coolup which never failed to produce a beautiful sunset. I’d say Coolup prepared us slightly for the job we are at now in the Australian outback; aka it’s in middle of nowhere. Being in the middle of nowhere meant for a ton of wildlife and a number of hidden gems to explore. My favourite of which was the Serpentine Falls.

Due to the current season, the waterfall wasn’t the most impressive one I’ve seen but it was my first time I’ve ever swam in one. The water was crystal clear but so deep that you had no idea how far down it went or what could be beneath you.

We arrived early morning so were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves for a little while before others started to arrive and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. I even made a friend on the walk back to the car. Continuing on with the topic of water, and I should just say now that most of my highlights involve water in some way, was the dolphins in Mandurah. As my favourite animal, it was incredible walking along the foreshore and watching the wild dolphins jump out of the water. Not something you get to see everyday (unless you live in Mandurah of course).

Mandurah also has a great sweet shop which if you have a sweet tooth like me, is a dangerous place to step into. They had my favourite; blue and pink sour bottles, I took the lot.

Dolphins were not only in Mandurah though, they were everywhere. I experienced my first time fishing in Dawesville and was blown away by how many dolphins would pop up to say hello!

Not to brag or anything but I was surprised at how good a fisher I was. By the time Farley had managed to get his hook in the sea, I’d caught three. What made the experience even better was seeing an eel and an octopus identical to the one from Finding Dory. I couldn’t believe how exciting fishing can be! Might I just add that all the fish that were caught were thrown back safely into the sea.

Being in WA over Easter we spent Easter Sunday with family and friends at Lake Moyanup having a bbq and kayaking on the lake. Surprise surprise it was my first time in a kayak and it was so much fun!

Tough on the arms yet so relaxing to be on the water. The lake was busy with families doing exactly the same so it made for such a great atmosphere. Strangers even joined in with our football game! Despite not getting a single Easter egg, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Easter.

Buying a iced chocolate milk on the way home made up for the lack of chocolate I hadn’t eaten that day. A couple of foodie highlights from WA was having a burrito from Zambrero (first time and IT’S AMAZING) and also my first Oz dominos. After hearing that it didn’t taste anything like dominos UK I finally got to put it to the test. And I disagree completely, it’s just as good! I love pizza so much.

So there you have it, my highlights from our short time spent in WA. It was a week full of firsts which I’m so beyond grateful for. As the title of this blog says, WA is to be continued. There is far more to discover. In fact, we plan on travelling the entire West Coast after we’ve finished the East and of course our 88 days regional work which we are currently half way through!

Have you explored Western Australia? I need to start a list of places that I must see so any recommendations are welcome!

Catch you later

Miss Health & Safety aka Steph