BYRON BAY: Channel your Inner Hippy

Vibrant, magical and carefree. Byron Bay is no doubt Australia’s hippy capital where people walk around barefooted, with dreadlocks embracing the slow paced and chilled vibes that Byron has to offer.

Byron attracts people from all over the world. And it just so happens that I was drawn to exploring the magic of the hippy town. That and I also understood that it is the home of Chris Hemsworth, so there was a tiny inkling in the back of my head that he could be surfing the waves just as I’m walking along the beach… I know I’m out of my mind, but a girl can dream can’t she!

Just an hour south of the Gold Coast, Farley, myself and our new found Airbnb friend, Sariah made our way to the Bay in The Hound (aka the new car). We’d been told that usually there is bad traffic heading into Byron but that wasn’t the case. The roads were clear and it took no time before we were in the middle of the cultural town. Does anyone else feel that when that happens your in for a good day?

Parking. Byron’s only issue. We couldn’t find anywhere to park for free for over an hour. Instead we headed to one of the main car parks which costed upwards of $15 for just 4 hours. Oh well, we are here now!

Amongst the parked up VW campers, the surfers running, board in hand to the sounds of the sea, the warm fresh air and coastal vibes, I had an instant feeling of calmness and relaxation…Where’s Thor?

I soon gave up hope that I’d see Mr. Hemsworth. I wasn’t sure he’d be hanging around the man who’d been spinning a hula hoop round his body for the last hour or the lady wrapped in tin foil dancing to no music. Byron certainly has some unique characters and fair play to them, you can’t fault their creativity or energy. As well as Mr. Hoop and Mrs. Tin Foil, I witnessed some very incredible buskers and some the most beautiful street art.

I loved exploring the town. Byron has so many shops, boutiques, cafe’s, restaurants, bar and pubs. And everyone is so friendly that they make you feel just as much part of their community as they are. You certainly wouldn’t go hungry in Byron.

We had breakfast at Mokha on Lawson (I had eggs royale – my fav!) and then for lunch, I had the most delicious falafel pittas at a place called Orgasmic down Bay Lane. We would never have found the small restaurant in the wall without our friends recommendation. Friendly staff, great prices and HUGE portions!

After lunch, we had the most tasty brownies at Spice, a funky outdoor hole in the wall, followed by drinks at Pacific Dining Room Beach Hotel. I genuinely couldn’t stop eating all day.

The sun was dipping in and out so we spent the afternoon mucking around on the beach with our friends drone, which I now desperately want one for myself. They are so cool!! You can control it with your hand and everything! Mind blown. Can anyone recommend the best drone out on the market right now?

The beach was without a doubt beautiful and not that busy! I loved just watching the surfers ride the waves and taking in the views around me. I’d also heard a lot about Cape Byron Lighthouse so of course we couldn’t leave Byron without venturing up to see what it’s all about. Cape Byron Lighthouse was just a short drive from the town. We didn’t fancy the steep walk up to the top, so took the lazy option and drove to the lighthouse car park. $8 for one hour…I expected that.

The lighthouse was beautiful. You could go in and look at its history and even take a tour up to the top. But what really took my breath away was the view looking out to sea and over the bay. It was so incredibly gorgeous and peaceful. Soon enough, the weather took a turn and a large black cloud made its way over the bay. You could see the beach goers in the distance hastily making their way to shelter. Our cue to leave before we got caught in a downpour. Byron Bay was all kinds of wonderful. Would I go back? In a heartbeat. For longer as well. I’d make more than a day of it. Perhaps next time will be the time I bump into Chris…only kidding! Or am I?

Have you been to Byron Bay? What did you get up too? I would love to know!

Catch you later

Miss Health & Safety aka Steph