ADELAIDE: Every Wine Lovers Dream

I had a few people tell me “nothing goes on in Adelaide, it’s not worth visiting”, but I couldn’t disagree more.

Whilst in town, the well known Fringe Festival was on, which made for endless entertainment in the city. The Garden of Unearthly Delights was a particular highlight for me. A creative outdoor space with a number of shows, range of quality food options and a great place to enjoy a glass of wine on several occasions. Speaking of which, I fell in love with Adelaide based on our shared passion for wine. As the wine capital of Australia and with over 200 cellar doors I simply had to spend a few days exploring the vineyards and I certainly wasn’t going to refuse the odd wine tasting here and there.


A favourite of mine. Family owned and a reputation for its robust range of red, I was excited to visit. Whilst red wine has never been my “go to”, it appears that’s starting to change, perhaps my pallet is changing with age!

Maxwell’s cellar door is located at the top of the winery, where you can bask in the sun and take in the breathtaking views that overlook the estates 100 acres of vines.

The cellar door offers a free wine tasting experience, where not only can you enjoy the views of the vineyard whilst testing your pallet but you can also overlook the working winery below. Staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any questions.

Favourite wine: Envious Sparkling NV D’ARENBERG CUBE, McLaren Vale

The d’Arenberg cellar door is located on the top floor of the d’Arenberg Cube, overlooking McLaren Vale.

Entry costs $10 per person which includes a self-guided tour of the Cubes interactive museum and a complimentary tasting of the d’arenberg wines.

Personally I felt the Cube was a little too modern and quirky. It almost looked out of place amongst the gorgeous growing vines. Their wines however were lovely and staff were very friendly.

Favourite wine: d’Arry’s Original, Shiraz Grenache 2014 THE LANE, Hahndorf

Another favourite. Before visiting The Lane we had lunch in Hahndorf, a very small, quaint town and known for its German styled architecture. Farley kicked off lunch and ordered the largest beer stein imagined! Good luck to him with an afternoon of wine tasting ahead.

The Lanes cellar door is modern and has stunning views of the estate. We happened to be the only guests there for a tasting so staff were very attentive, knowledgeable and happy to chat to us in great detail.

We chose to sample the flavours of The Lanes block series which costs $5 per person. This included a tasting of around 12 wines and if you wished to buy a bottle at the end, the $5 is discounted.

We spent a good few hours enjoying the tasting and I most definitely could have stayed into the evening but we were politely told that they were closing for the day. Not wanting the day to end, off to the brewery we go!

Favourite wine: Lois Blanc De Blanc NV PRANCING PONY BREWERY

Beer is a big thing in Australia (partly because its the cheapest thing to drink), and I am desperately trying to get into it but failing miserably.

Seeing as Farley had put up with tasting wine all day, it was only fair to visit a brewery. Prancing Pony is very different to a winery but had a great, chilled out atmosphere and very friendly staff!

Farley was in his element after purchasing a paddle of six Prancing Pony’s beers. Not only that but the brewery was close to closing and so we were offered several free pints before they cleaned the lines. Farley’s at the front of the queue getting as many free beers as he can carry!

Ladies and gentleman, this is what happens when you mix a day of wine tasting and an evening of beer tasting…

Although I’m no wine connoisseur, I had a blast visiting some of Adelaide’s famous vineyards. It’s a surprisingly cheap day out as most of the cellar doors charge nothing for a wine tasting!

I didn’t get time to visit Barossa Valley which was on my list but I’ll make time to come back. Those that they say nothing goes on Adelaide are completely wrong. It’s an incredibly beautiful part of South Australia!

I’d love to hear what vineyards you’ve visited?

Catch you later

Miss Health & Safety aka Steph