Mirissa is undoubtably one of Sri Lanka’s hot spots for backpackers and holiday makers alike. We spent three days, two nights exploring the area and so I thought I would share with you our top favourite things to do in Mirissa.


First stop, the beach. And why wouldn’t it be, you’re on the south coast of Sri Lanka!

Palm trees, white sand, turquoise water, coconuts and ocean waves, it is a no brainer as to why Mirissa Beach is the perfect spot to chill, swim, snorkel and surf. Or in Farley’s case, loose your watch in the ocean, spend half the day with your driver and lifeguards attempting to find it, trying to accept the fact that it’s never coming back but this is all too late when you realise you’re burnt to a crisp…

Moral of the story – don’t wear your watch or any valuables for that matter in the ocean where the pounding surf waves will inevitably destroy you. The waves in Sri Lanka were impressively large making it any surfers dream, or if you are anything like me why not even give body boarding a go.

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When Farley and I ever stay on the beach, a sunrise or sunset walk along the ocean shore is one of our favourite things to do. Parrot Rock is a small rock formation found along Mirissa Beach where you can climb up and see more stunning views over the area.

With broken steps and bamboo rails tied together to make a ladder, the climb is a little sketchy so please do be careful! Parrot Rocks accesibility is also dependent on the tide times so be sure to check before visiting.

Parrot Rock is definitely one of the coolest spots in Mirissa and a place to capture some very instagrammable shots.


Just a 10 minute walk away from Parrot Rock, you’ll find Coconut Tree Hill. A hilltop that will fulfil all your coconut and palm tree dreams.

The dome-shaped hill is perched into the Indian Ocean and is lined with sky high picturesque palm trees overlooking the Mirissa Bay.  Coconut Tree Hill has become quite the Instagram sensation, but is also popular for locals who flock here to watch the sunrise and sunset, over a well deserved coconut.

In my opinion, the best time to visit is early morning. Early, as in set your alarm for 5.30am early and be there to watch the first rays of sun blast through the coconut trees. We shared the experience with just one other couple who had set up to capture the moment too.

Coconut Tree Hill is another spot that shouldn’t be missed on your trip to Mirissa. Be sure to watch out for the coconuts falling from the trees though!


Peacock Wall in Mirissa is so worth adding to your itinerary and it wouldn’t take up much time at all out of your day! It’s probably one of the most photographed street murals in Sri Lanka. The artwork sits on Palm Villa’s wall along the main road making it impossible to miss if you’re exploring the town by foot.

On our first attempt to photograph the wall someone had parked their car right in the way. Do the locals not realise how popular this wall is?! When we came back the second time we had the all clear but we then had the challenge of a gap in traffic. Be prepared to stand on opposite sides of the road for a short while whilst waiting for the perfect moment.


Unawatuna is around a 35 minute drive from Mirissa Beach and is a super cool spot to have a wander around, relax on the beach or perhaps find the insta famous palm tree rope swing.

The famous rope swing is actually located on Dalawella Beach, just east of Unawatuna and is a prime example of how social media platforms such as Instagram have had such a powerful impact of driving local tourism through the roof.

A little further on from Unawatuna is Galle Fort. A town where you could easily spend a few days. Galle Fort is great for shopping and you can’t miss exploring the Old Dutch Fort. This is something that should definitely fall on your list of things to do.

Have you ever been to Mirissa, Sri Lanka? What is your favourite things to do?