easyJet Holidays: A Holiday YOUR Way

Firstly, let me start this blog post by wishing you a very happy new year and an even happier decade ahead! Can someone please tell me where the last 10 years have gone?

Over the last 3650 days I finished school, passed my driving test, graduated from University, met my soulmate, worked in several prestigious venues as an Events Manager, then decided to quit my career to pursue a dream of travel to destinations including Australia, Bali, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Florida and most recently Tenerife. And I can’t forget to say that last year Farley and I as a duo became a furry 4-legged three, we got a dog! Who knows what the next 10 years will bring to you or I, but I’m certainly excited to find out and I plan on it being filled with love, fun, adventure and of course endless travel.

If you ask me, travel is a bug and once you’ve caught it, I’m pretty sure it’s incurable. I bet more than half of you reading this blog has been bitten, and badly at that. I’m rambling I know, but seriously, who wouldn’t love travelling to new countries, exploring new cities, and experiencing different cultures.

The travel industry is booming and is forever changing, forever growing and forever finding ways to make travel easier for us. As of this year, easyJet has launched a new holidays business for 2020, it’s a game changer and I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty big year for them.

Founded in 1995, easyJet has grown year on year and are now proudly known as the UK’s largest airline, fourth largest in Europe and tenth largest in the world flying over 90 million passengers a year. The company have over 300 aircrafts that fly over 1,000 routes to more than 30 countries. Those figures are enormous and I don’t doubt that they’ll rise with the launch of the new holiday packages.

So… what exactly are easyJet offering in their new holiday packages? They’re planning on shaking things up within the travel market and how we travel. This means greater flexibility, better-value holidays to suit all budgets, hand-picked stunning destinations and hotels across Europe and we, as customers, will be able to book any easyJet flight paired with one of these hotels together easily through their brand new website.

We’re all after something different when it comes to a holiday. Some of us love a city break, others may prefer a relaxing beach holiday. Some of us crave adventure, whilst others like the peace and quiet. We might choose to travel with family or kid free, with our partner, our friends or even solo. When it comes to our needs, wants and desires, inevitably no-one will be the same. easyJet has taken this on board and thought of a way to design a holiday package tailored to suit each individual.

I was lost for words when easyJet holidays approached me and offered the opportunity to work with them on their launch. It was an honour and I felt so incredibly grateful to be invited along to experience one of the 5,000 handpicked hotels in Europe. easyJet has worked hard to carefully select hotels from Paris to Berlin, Seville to Santorini, Marrakech to Milan, something for absolutely everyone.

I was whisked away to experience the beautiful Tenerife sunshine and enjoy a 3 night stay at the five star Iberostar Selection Anthelia Hotel. easyJet holidays know me too well – a destination offering the perfect balance between adventure and sandy beaches! One of my favourite highlights of easyJet holidays new offering is that there is no set duration for your trip. You can go for however long you like, whether that be a 3, 5, 7 or 9 nights, perhaps even a 2 week holiday or longer. You’re also not restricted on the day of the week you fly, easyJet happen to have more weekend flying than anyone else. This will make it so much easier when booking your time off work.

EasyJet is an airline I’ve flown with many times and never have I once encountered any problems. I choose to fly with them mainly due to their affordability but also because I find their customer service is second to none. Their employees, pilots and cabin crew always seem so happy, smiley and friendly and it was no different on my trip to Tenerife. Check in and bag drop was quick and easy, the boarding process was efficient, the flight was smooth and the on-board service was excellent. Might I mention that even though I was only going on a 3 night stay, my all-inclusive package allowed me to take a 23kg luggage and I’m pleased to tell you that it’s the same for any holiday booked with easyJet holidays! I definitely overpacked…

Once the plane touched down at Tenerife Airport, a smiley face was ready to welcome me to Tenerife, insisted he carried my bags and showed me to the private car waiting to transfer me to the beautiful Iberostar Anthelia. 

As I walked into the hotel reception through the sliding glass doors, I was immediately blown away by its elegance, cleanliness and interior design. From the moment I arrived in that lobby I instantly felt welcomed by the staff. They were attentive from the get-go and I could really tell they wanted to make every guest feel special. Would I like a glass of champagne on arrival? Yes please!

A major feature of Iberostar Anthelia is its location. The hotel is situated right on Fañabé Beach and surrounded by exclusive gardens. I stayed in one of their Side Sea-view Duplex Suite and I must say, I think it was one of the most beautiful hotel rooms I’ve ever slept in. Two floors entirely to myself on the top floor overlooking the ocean and hotel pools. I won’t lie to you and I will admit that on my first evening at the hotel I spent most of it enjoying a long hot soak in the whirlpool bath sipping on a glass of Moet.

During the day there was so much to explore and keep us busy. The hotel boasts 6 pools including children’s pools with slides and a pirate ship. If you prefer something a little more relaxing, they have a state-of-the-art spa, which if you stay, I seriously recommend booking a massage. The masseuses are magicians. And if you’re feeling up to it (I wasn’t) there is a fitness centre with lots of equipment for a great workout. Fitness really isn’t my thing… I need to work on it… It is a goal for 2020.

You’d think that would be it but there’s more. There are a number of activities to entertain guests throughout the day such as aqua aerobics, workshops, darts, water polo and sunset yoga. The yoga was a particular favourite of mine. How did they know sunsets and yoga are two of my favourite things! The entertainment would continue into the evening each night as the hotel puts on a different show for their guests in the main theatre and live music in the lobby bar where I could’ve easily sat and listened all evening to the performers.

There is one hotel highlight I haven’t touched upon yet, can you guess… THE FOOD OF COURSE! With 5 restaurants and 3 bars I can safely say I did not go hungry and I loved every minute I got savouring the local cuisine. Iberostar Anthelia without a doubt had the best food selection I have ever seen. There was so much of it and it was always so beautifully presented. You had every type of dish you could want; seafood, meats, cheeses, fresh pasta, soups, salads, fresh fruit, bread, vegan, vegetarian and dessert. Each night you would find me sat as close to the desserts as possible, making regular trips to the mouth-watering 4 tiered chocolate fountain.

Iberostar Anthelia have thought of everything and if there is something you need, the staff will bend over backwards to ensure your stay is truly special. What I love most about the hotel wasn’t the food, the pools, the ocean view and certainly not the chocolate fountain but their attitude towards taking care of our planet and the steps they’re taking to do so. Iberostar have made a huge contribution and introduced their movement Wave of Change where they have eliminated single-use plastics from all their hotels, changed their menus to prioritise sustainable fish and are working to ensure the protection and preservation of the coastal health. A movement more companies need to follow and I’m pretty certain they will over the next decade. I do think it’s incredible that easyJet are partnering with hotels like Iberostar that are so focused on making an impact on this world.

Check out and the return flight home was as easy and smooth as the outward journey. I can honestly say I felt relaxed and without a worry ever since the booking with was confirmed. easyJet holidays took care of everything and have changed the travel game with their new 2020 holiday packages. They have successfully thought of everything from family holidays to adults only and all the holidays in between. Whether you fancy a weekend break or a 3 week holiday, easyJet holidays will have something you’ll love. Just imagine where they might take you.