With being on the road and constantly moving on to the next destination, I’ve found it difficult to keep on top of the blog. Terrible I know! Now that I have a base for the next few months I promise to fill you in on the adventure. I have lots to tell you…

From Adelaide we drove back to Melbourne and flew to Sydney. Not all in one day might I add, that would have been a killer.

The Blue Mountains were high on the bucket list whilst in Sydney and with only a short time planned in the city, we made sure we had time for a days trip.

We tossed between the option of hiring a car for the day or getting the train and despite the 2 1/2 hour journey we chose train. It was a fraction of the price and we could relax without getting lost somewhere New South Wales. It was an early start but after stocking up on snacks and being well equipped with iPads the journey wasn’t so bad.

From Katoomba station, there is a very short bus journey that takes you directly to Echo Point, the famous spot of the Three Sisters. I cannot tell you how excited I was about The Blue Mountains, so when I jumped off the bus and could see only a thick layer of fog covering the view my heart dropped. No sisters in sight. Was the weather going to be like this all day? We’d travelled all this way to be disappointed…

We hoped that by the time we visited the information centre and worked out our walking route the fog would lift. AND IT DID! The sun and the sisters came out and revealed the most spectacular view. Notice the difference? There are so many walking trails you can take depending on how long you want to spend and how difficult you want it to be. We worked out a trail that would take us approx 2 hours. From Echo Point, we ventured down to the Three Sisters. Pretty easy so far we thought, little did we know what was just around the corner. The Giant Stairway they call it. 800 steep, narrow, uneven, not even steps down to Jamison Valley. One wrong move and over those rails I’d go. Farley seemed more concerned about getting the GoPro down safely than me! Not letting go of the rail, and about 50 steps down, after watching people climbing up looking like they were about to collapse, I’d made the decision I was paying for the cable car back up.

Nearing the bottom, when those who had chosen to climb the steps asked us “How far have we got to go?”, we couldn’t lie, “a bloody long way and it’s going to be tough” was our reply.

Safely on the ground, we walked along the Jamison Valley, across Kedumba River and towards Scenic World Boardwalk. Along the way we saw a SNAKE! Yes it was only small but it was our first snake spot of Australia. You have no idea how desperate Farley is to see snakes, catch snakes, hold snakes…Personally I’d rather steer clear but I’d take a snake over a spider any day. We were first in line for the cable car, and I started having second thoughts about my decision. With visions of the cable car breaking down or even worse snapping I considered the stairs to be the safer option. Why these thoughts go through my head, I do not know!

Before I knew it, I was on board and it was too late to change my mind. Doors shut and we were on our way. I must say the cable car is a great way to see some stunning views of the valley. It took no time at all to reach the top of Scenic World and before long I was enjoying an ice cold chocolate milkshake in the sunshine. What was I worried about!

The Blue Mountains were remarkable and something I’ll always remember. The views were out of this world. However if I had to choose between The Grampians or The Blue Mountains I’d say The Grampians get my vote. Needless to say the day was unforgettable and if you’re ever in New South Wales you should certainly make time to visit.