BRISBANE: On a Budget

Who here likes free stuff? We all do right?! Travelling full time isn’t cheap and if you’re anything like me you’ll be constantly budgeting, so one of the first things I do whenever I’m in a new city is google “what’s free” and this is super helpful when planning our days.

Brisbane on a budget is a breeze. There are so many options available to you that mean you don’t even have to think about money! And so I wanted to share my favourite free experiences with you!


South Bank is the cultural heart of Brisbane City. 17 hectares of scenic parklands to explore and stunning river views it’s the perfect place to spend the day without having to spend the dollar.

I suggest starting at Victoria Bridge and walking along the river around to Kangaroo Point Cliffs. If you’re a keen bean like me then venture even further along the river walk to Story Bridge! You can always take a well earned ferry cruise back to the city.


Want to know a place to enjoy the sunset over the city? Kangaroo Point Cliffs offers just that. Take a few beverages and perhaps a BBQ and enjoy the evening. It’s cheaper (and the views are better) than going out to the pubs and clubs!


Did you know Brisbane had a beach right in the middle of the city? The man-made Streets beach is popular for both tourists and locals alike. I mean who wouldn’t want to take a dip on their lunch break? Grab your beach towel, leave the money at home and enjoy a day of relaxing on the sand and swimming in the clear blue water that South Banks Street Beach has to offer.


Enjoy one hour of free comedy every Friday at Brisbane Powerhouse. That’s right, free comedy! The Knockoff event will have you falling off your chair and leave you laughing uncontrollably.


Get arty and get cultured by visiting The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art. They showcase some incredible and interesting exhibitions for guests to enjoy. On occasion some exhibitions may have a cost of entry but most are free. You don’t have to be an art guru to enjoy it I promise.


Have you come across an overly friendly, very happy, smiley person in a red shirt? It’s most likely a Brisbane Greeter. These lovely volunteers will lead you round the city sharing stories and teaching you all you need to know about Brisbane. So don’t be scared and go and introduce yourself!


Less than a 20 minute drive from the city, the Botanical Gardens at Mt Coot-tha are simply beautiful. Head in through the information centre, pick up a visitor map and then spend the day enjoying peace and tranquility.


If you like hiking and instagrammable views that will blow you away then put on some comfy shoes and make your way up the Mt Coot-tha to experience the best view of Brisbane’s city skyline. Take a picnic and make a day of it or enjoy a cake and a coffee from the summit cafe. If you’re not a keen walker then don’t worry, you can drive up the mountain and still enjoy the same view! Tip: the view looks even better at sunrise and sunset!


If you fancy venturing a little further out of the city you’ll find plenty of hiking treks. The Glass House Mountains were a favourite of mine and you can see why.

There are options to climb each of the mountains, some trails are a lot harder than others so make sure to do some research. If you like hikes but aren’t a jungle monkey then I recommend climbing Mt Ngungun (no idea how to pronounce it). They say to allow for two hours to climb up and down and take in the view but I reckon you can do it in less than that.

The hikes worth it. Even though I was trembling for my life in the photo below the view was insane. Trust me, you have to go and see for yourself!

So there you have my top free must-dos in and around Brisbane City on a budget. If you ask me, the free experiences make for better days and memories than those that you pay for. What beats the incredible view over Brisbane City Skyline or the view of the Glass House Mountains? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I’ll see you in Noosa.

Miss Health & Safety aka Steph

4 thoughts on “BRISBANE: On a Budget

  1. The beach in the middle of the city sounds genius.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that in Sydney, they have FREE tour guides. I did not use them, because, in the end, I became my own guide, but for those who do not want to/ have the time to do a lot of research, that is a phenomenal way to get to know the city. The tour isn’t too long and you get to see all the main attractions.

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